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General Services


We aim to provide the best possible care to every animal we see, and strongly believe in creating a long term partnership with you, to ensure that your pets remain fit and healthy throughout all stages of their lives.


We offer general medical and animal surgery services in our friendly, affordable clinic. Our vets can assist with de-sexing of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals as well as behaviour advice, senior pet checks, nail and dental checks, and more. When your animal is with us you can rest assured that it will be receiving the best treatment in a safe and caring environment. This means everything your pet needs to stay happy and healthy including:


·         Consultations

·         Desexing dog and cat spey/neuters

·         Skin and allergy clinics

·         Holistic care and natural remedies

·         Chiropractic and pet physiotherapy


As well as:


Animal Health Advice

Please pick our brains as often as possible. We have many years of combined experience at successfully looking after pets, are all highly qualified and committed staff and are all right here at your disposal.


Full Hospital Support

Our goal is to get your pets back home healthier than ever. Our spacious, warm hospital area is fully equipped with modern, high-level equipment. We apply depth of knowledge, a dedicated attitude and latest gear as diverse as digital radiography to electric blankets and breathing monitors, all wrapped up in the competent care of our large team of ultra attentive nurses.



Complete prevention of a multitude of life-threatening or debilitating diseases. From Cat Flu, Feline Aids and Chlamydia to Parvo, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough viruses. Painless. Effective. Necessary. We tailor our vaccine protocols to each individual pet's risk and lifestyle requirements.


Accredited Micro-Chipping

"The Longest Lead." A simple, safe quick pain-free injection, re-uniting cats and dogs with their owners through the 24 Hour NZ Companion Animal Registry hot-line.


Blood Testing On-Site

The health of your pet can change rapidly and these changes can go unnoticed. Early detection and intervention leads to a lifetime of good health. Within 30 minutes we can gain insight into how your pet's major organs are functioning (especially important before anaesthetics) detect infection and provide us with a valuable baseline to refer back to later in life.



Your pets won’t feel a thing while we remove tartar, treat gingivitis, and extract retained, crowded or decayed teeth, drill cavities or preventative polish. Prevent cavities, tooth loss and associated heart, liver and kidney infections. Great dental health contributes up-to two extra years of lifespan and we'll give you all the best tips on brushing, diet and dental chews.