To Heidi, Vicki and all the wonderful staff at Vetcare Wairarapa

Thank you for saving Mack with your expert care and love..

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Claire John to Vetcare Limited

This week we sadly had to say goodbye to our much loved Jack who had shared our lives and been part of our family for 14 years..

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Nick Wyatt to Vetcare Limited

After many medical interventions, tests, drugs, prescription foods, nothing seemed to help our elderly Irish Terrier Shay..

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My Boy Zion

He was inside when he decided it was clever to tap on the sitting room window this morning..

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Diana McDonald

I have had nothing but brilliant service from Vetcare Masterson. Having to trust ANYONE with the care and survival of my babies is an incredibly hard thing to do, but…

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Te Whetu Waaka

Home now and kicking back out of the sun. Thank you very much Heidi and your team at Vet Care you all have done an awesome job at fixing..

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Rosalie Amner

Thank you so much for everything you did for our fur girl & support you gave our family Very professional & extremely knowledgeable..

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Tracy Mclaughlan

Heidi and her friendly staff at Vetcare are amazing..have helped me out with my foster work and own animals many times over the years..

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Wairarapa Drilling

We are very fortunate to have met Heidi and the team when we did. We feel the Dog’s interests are always put before anything else..

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Bill Taylor

We needed some worming jabs for our lambs “urgently” on the weekend. These guys went out to make sure we got what we needed – very helpful.

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Bill Taylor

We needed some worming jabs for our lambs “urgently” on the weekend. These guys went out to make sure we got what we needed – very helpful. When most of the big players were shut for the weekend these guys delivered. Our lambs look good now.

Vicki Currie

Dr Heidi has performed two surgeries for dogs I have owned. Around 12 years ago I had a puppy that broke her leg, at the elbow. She recovered so well and had a long happy life after Heidi opperated on her. The second dog is Zara our french mastiff. She was a in bad way when we booked in for the surgery recently and she is a big dog so moving about had become difficult. Post surgery she has a new lease on life, she is so much happier. Really a caring service.

Teryl Carrick

I travel from Upper Hutt to see Heidi and her team. My dog had years of steroids and antibiotics until she went to Vetcare. All her treatments are natural and My dog is in much Better condition now. I would rate them higher if I could. Excellent service every time

Tash Knofflock

Thank you for today for resuring me that tigger had not broken anything and it made it better bringing him home amd seeing him still limping and not putting much pressure on it knowimg it nothing major thank u

Kingtintin Dench

Hey girls thanks so much for looking after my boy Ollie so far he doing ok we got the cone on him and thanks for helping us to afford to pay for our pets care as we didnt have any money on the day and if we didn’t bring him in that day it could of got worse then it was thanks so much for ur generosity for our pets so for our next pets if anything is worng I’ll come to u for sure thanks so much

Morgan Cramptonwood

Heidi has always provided outstanding care to all my animals. Recently she diagnosed my 13 year old cat with hyperthyroidism and removed both his thyroid glands along with the tumors growing inside them. Surgery was a scary thought especially with Charlie being elderly but Heidi carried it out without complication and he made a full recovery and was given a new lease of life. I’ve witnessed a dramatic change in him for the better physically.