Case Studies

Read our case studies about pet and wild life treatments including spinal rehabilitation, acupuncture, natural medicine & wild life rescues.

Optimus – Fracture

Young Bulldog pup destined for a stellar future.

Optimus suffered a traumatic, potentially catastrophic, condylar elbow fracture.His orthopaedic repair was achieved with minimal exposure and minimal tissue disruption. He made a swift and full recovery. The Breeder was delighted with his mobility post surgery.

  • Young Bulldog pup after orthopaedic repair.
  • X-ray of dog elbow fracture.
  • Cat with Stenotic Nares.
  • Cat treatment for Stenotic Nares.
  • Cat treatment for Stenotic Nares.

Imelda – Stenotic Nares

This condition is common in Persian, Exotic and hybrid cats.

Dr Heidi has received further surgical training in BOAS surgery at Massey University. Surgical correction of narrow nostrils in brachycephalic breeds is performed on a regular basis at Vetcare. Breeds affected include Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese and hybrids of these breeds.

Pip – Spinal Rehabilitation

Pip in recovery from paralysis.

Using acupuncture, rehabilitation, the Assisi loop and physiotherapy.

  • Pip being treated with Assisi loop.
  • Pip in recovery from paralysis.
  • Dog with Assisi loop.
  • Dog with Assisi loop.
  • Cat with Assisi loop.
  • Cat with Assisi loop.

Jasmine – elderly cat with sciatica and back pain

Jasmine is a cranky, elderly and much-loved cat who was diagnosed with spinal pain and secondary sciatica.

Jasmine was treated with acupuncture and the Assisi loop. She made an uneventful recovery at home over the next week.

Tempest – Spiral Tibial Fracture

Tempest is an English bull terrier female with a spiral tibial fracture. There was discussion over limb amputation if a full recovery could not be achieved.

Her injury was complicated by a severe skin infection and multiple allergies. She was treated using a Vitallium plate and screws. The skin infection was treated using Pet Putty, Totaro and Doggy Daily. Tempest has made a complete recovery.

  • English bull terrier in vet clinic.
  • English bull terrier with severe skin infection.
  • English bull terrier female with a spiral tibial fracture.
  • English bull terrier female with a skin infection.
  • Shag wrapped in towel.
  • X-ray of shag showing a fracture and dislocated leg.
  • Shag with a fracture and dislocated leg.

Wild Life Rescue

A injured NZ shag was treated as a weekend emergency case..

The shag was diagnosed as an orthopaedic case – fracture – dislocated leg. Post op, the infection was treated using pet putty.

Shay – Masseter Muscle Myositis

Shay was diagnosed with MMM masseter muscle myositis. She also has peripheral neuropathy and microbiome dysfunction.

Shay was in terminal decline when she presented in the clinic. She was treated with natural medicine, conventional medicine and acupuncture.

  • Dog with Vetcare Veterinarian.
  • Dog with Vetcare Veterinarian.