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Open 6 days a week with a comprehensive surgical clinic and animal hospital in Masterton, and a satellite clinic in Greytown, Vetcare is Wairarapa’s one-stop-shop for all of your pet care needs.

We treat all sorts of pet problems from simple to serious

Whether your pet is young or old, sick or in perfect health, our professional and caring team have an unwavering dedication to providing the best possible vet care for your loved one.

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Quality Care and Compassion for your Companions

Our compassionate and friendly veterinary team is committed to delivering the highest quality of professional and affordable full-service veterinary care for your pets.

Emergency Care

Vetcare provides a compassionate, skilled and professional 24-hour emergency veterinary service for your beloved pets.  During what can be an extremely stressful and scary time for the whole family, please rest assured that we will always care for your animal the way we would our own.


Painless, effective and necessary, vaccinations prevent a multitude of life-threatening or debilitating diseases such as Cat Flu, Feline Aids, Chlamydia to Parvo, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough viruses. We tailor our vaccine protocols to each individual pet’s risk and lifestyle requirements.


Great dental health contributes up to two extra years of your pet’s lifespan which is why it is so critical to keep on top of. Your pets won’t feel a thing while we remove tartar, treat gingivitis, extract retained, crowded or decayed teeth, drill cavities and/or provide a preventative polish. We’ll also give you all the best tips on brushing, diet and dental chews.

Orthopaedic Surgery

When it comes to orthopaedic issues or concerns, Vetcare should be your first port of call.  Dr Heidi is renowned for her skill as an orthopaedic surgeon and once the issue is identified,  we will take the time to talk through your options and give you an itemised fee estimate to help you make the best and most informed choice for your pet.

Quality care for our community

We like to think of our customers and the animals we care for as part of our family and work hard to create a sense of community in everything we do.