General Services

We’re with you every step of the way

We aim to provide the best possible care to every animal we see, and strongly believe in creating long term partnerships to ensure your pets remain fit and healthy throughout their lives.


Cat and dog desexing

Holistic vet care and natural remedies

Chiropractic and pet physiotherapy

Skin and allergy clinics

High Quality, Holistic Pet Care

Our general vet services include behaviour advice, senior pet checks, nail and dental checks, cat and dog vaccinations, and more. Our vets can assist with dog and cat desexing as well as desexing of other domestic animals. When your animal is with us you can rest assured that it will be receiving the best treatment in a safe and caring environment.

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Masterton Clinic

Greytown Clinic

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is our top priority

We offer general medical and animal surgery services in our friendly, affordable clinic

Animal Health Advice

With so many years of successfully caring for pets working together under one roof, you can feel very confident coming to talk to us about any aspect of your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Full Hospital Support

Our goal is to get your pets back home healthier than ever. Our hospital area is fully equipped with the latest equipment and our dedicated and highly competent team will ensure that your pet gets the very best of care.

Accredited Micro-Chipping

Do you need to micro-chip your dog or cat? “The Longest Lead.” A simple, safe, and pain-free injection that helps to reunite cats and dogs with their owners through the 24 Hour NZ Companion Animal Registry hotline.


Good dental health contributes up to two extra years of your pet’s lifespan which is why it is so critical. Your pets are in great care while we remove tartar, treat gingivitis, extract retained, crowded or decayed teeth, drill cavities and provide a preventative polish. We’ll also give you all the best tips on brushing, diet and dental chews to help prevent cavitis an tooth loss.

Blood Testing On-Site

The health of your pet can change rapidly and these changes can often go unnoticed. Early detection and intervention leads to a lifetime of good health. Within 30 minutes we can gain insight into how your pet’s major organs are functioning (especially important before anaesthetics), detect infection and provide us with a valuable baseline to refer back to later in life.


Painless, effective and necessary, vaccinations prevent a multitude of life-threatening or debilitating diseases such as Cat Flu, Feline Aids, Chlamydia to Parvo, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough viruses. We tailor our vaccine protocols to each individual pet’s risk and lifestyle requirements.

Exotic Pet Care

Exotic pets can be tricky patients

They are not only small and difficult to handle but sometimes they have totally different anatomy and physiology to dogs and cats. Dr Heidi understands that it is often hard to refer exotic animal patients to an appropriate vet due to geographical or cost constraints. This is why a consultation service is now available that allows you to consult with Dr Heidi over the phone or by video call.

Dr Heidi also takes face to face referrals at Vetcare Masterton. Referred cases don’t have to be tricky, they can just be a species you are not familiar with and would like an opinion on. Please book your phone/video/in person consult by phone.

Standard Consultation


Extended Consultation


Follow-Up Consultation


When to Consult

Animals do not have to be unwell to have a veterinary consult. If you have questions regarding husbandry, nutrition, preventative medicine or behaviour these can easily be covered over the phone. If you have an animal that is unwell, you can still make use of the telemedicine service as a first step, however, you may be told to visit a veterinarian if a procedure, surgery or diagnostics are required. In the case of emergencies, please call your nearest emergency vet centre.

Call us to discuss your concerns regarding your animals health now:

Masterton Clinic: (06) 377 7955 or Greytown Clinic: (06) 304 8037

Experience with Exotics

Dr Heidi has been the Senior Veterinarian for Vetcare since 1999 where she not only provides veterinary care for pet birds, reptiles and pocket pets, such as rabbits, but she has also consulted for several small wildlife rescue groups, provided expert witness knowledge for the MDC, DOC, SPCA and provided holistic continuing education to other veterinarians and students.

Before joining DOC, Dr Heidi visited Africa and spent time at the Chippengale animal orphanage and the Kruger National Park. Dr Heidi attended the World Vet Conference in the Kruger and emerged with various wildlife programs. Heidi has knowledge in many exotic pets and some zoo animals and consults on both general cases in all species.

In 2013 Dr Heidi was the NZVA vet rep for the Department of Conservation. Dr Heidi was involved in welfare and ethics decisions relating to many of our native species. This included native birds, bats, reptiles and marine species.

Heidi liaises with other wildlife rescue organisations, both locally and internationally, and her clinic acts as a drop off point for many injured wildlife. Heidi is passionate about providing all species of animals the highest level of medical and surgical care.


Quality care for our community

We like to think of our customers and the animals we care for as part of our family and work hard to create a sense of community in everything we do.