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Preventative Care

The best veterinary care for your pet is preventative care. This means routine vaccinations, comprehensive bi-annual physicals, proper nutrition, flea/worm prevention, yearly blood work diagnostics and proper dental cleaning all allow us to stay on-top of your pet’s needs. Preventive care not only increases the overall health and longevity of your pet but also ends up reducing your veterinary bills by treating small problems before they turn into emergencies. 


To ensure the ongoing good health of your pet, we can provide up-to-date vaccinations for your dog, cat or rabbit, as well as nutritional advice and quality protection from parasites including ticks, fleas and worms. We also offer micro-chipping and registration, dentistry, and weight loss programs at our clinic.


Six-Monthly Health Checks

The more we know, the more we can support you in providing your pet with a long, happy life. With many health issues being able to change rapidly over 6 months (three years in pet years) we believe 6-monthly checks are the best way to get early detection and better treatment of any conditions. To make an appointment or for more information on how we can assist you, call us now to help your pets live better for longer.