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Surgical Services

Along with providing routine wellness care our staff is capable of handling most surgical procedures and is always available to answer any of your questions. Vetcare also has an excellent relationship with Massey University which facilitates access to expert advice or referral for specific conditions.


We can customize diagnostic and treatment plans to best suit your needs and we give you options and clear fee estimates to help you make the best choice.


Some of the surgical services we provide are:


·         Soft tissue surgery

·         Emergency surgery

·         Fracture repairs, orthopaedics

·         Diagnostics - Comprehensive professional service including digital xray


Sterile Surgical Theatre

A dedicated, separate surgical suite. Biological air filter and Pulse Oximetry monitors, cautery, suction and the best in anaesthetic drugs and equipment all assist maximum skill, care and focus. We maintain high nursing staff levels to allow dedicated monitoring post-operatively, with heat pads, modern pain relief and iv fluids to assist safe rapid recovery.


Pain-Free Surgery

Bone, Soft-tissue & De-Sexing Operations. An opportunity to cure a huge range of pet health issues. We apply experience, post-graduate training and absolute care to achieve desired outcomes, minimise trauma and pain and to assist recovery. Cruciate, patella, hip and fracture repairs to tumour removal and corneal flaps.


X-Rays & Scope Imaging In-clinic

Shedding light on what's happening under the surface, exploring sinuses, airways, hearts, intestines, limbs and abdomens safely from the inside out. We have a human hospital level radiology machine and automatic processor to help us get accurate, diagnostic images of your pets organs and objects.


Digital Radiography is available, which enables us to take digital xrays on site. These can be emailed to any specialist for referral.