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Dog dressed up in crown and cape.

Buddy didn’t have such a great rap sheet when he first presented himself at my vet practice at the end of September.

He had been abandoned by his original owners.

He was 100% paralysed and unable to stand.

His teeth were rotten.

He was covered with fleas.

His coat was terribly overgrown.

And worst of all, he was in pain and sad.

While Buddy was obviously going to need a lot of care and attention to restore him back to his very cute self, the team didn’t hesitate for a second; every dog deserves the very best quality of care.

Because each and every spinal injury is unique, so was Buddy’s treatment plan. 

Buddy the wonder dogs first week

In the first week, Buddy was clocking up 10 hours of holistic ‘TLC’ every day including cutting edge laser therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.   The team even built Buddy his very own dog bouncer so he could stand up for a few minutes at a time!  Kiwi ingenuity at it’s finest!

Right alongside Buddy’s spinal rehabilitation plan, was his all-important nutritional plan. Buddy’s road to recovery demanded a 100% fresh, nutrient-rich diet which included a superfood boost from Doggy Daily naturally!

Buddy the wonder dogs progress

Buddy’s progress was regularly posted on Facebook and not only did Buddy become a local celebrity, but the Wairarapa Community rallied around and helped to raise almost $1,000 towards Buddy’s treatment! (legends?)

Within 10 days of Buddy’s arrival, he had his legs back in action, his teeth had been given a comprehensive once-over and he was sporting a high-class new dog-do!

Buddy is now ready, willing and able to be loved and adored by a new family. Any takers?

We love you Buddy xxx. May you have a long, happy and pain-free life from here on in!

Dr Heidi Ward – McGrath BVSc
Holistic Veterinarian
Cat Mum
Dog Mum

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